Why any Newspaper company does not have their own store? #Curiosity


When I took a newspaper in hand , I started with the supplement which was for kids of my age at that time. 15 years passed in between and this folded paper has put so many questions in front of me. The more I got elder, the more the curiosity about newspapers increased. For my goodness I found so many curiosity solved by Google on their platform. The latest one I acquainted is “Why any newspaper does not have their own store?” The answer may be easily given as at any newspaper store you can buy any type of newspaper you want. But this answer never satisfied me. As I am planning to do my MBA in coming days, I found this topic very curious from the perspective of any amateur who is looking from an other end of the business.

If I ever produce any newspaper why I would not be selling it on my own outlets? Why every newspaper choose common newspaper stalls? I searched for the answers and found some facts also.

1.Investment in bricks and mortar shop of own firm at various places in and around cities is somehow feasible.But investment in these things may never give the benefits compared to the existing models.
2.The customer who buys it and the consumer who actually reads it plays a vital role in defining the business strategy. As it very low cost service of knowledge, users varies by language, type and availability.
3.Newspaper is the service which anyone can by on a go. Can read anywhere possible. Then why not to sell them at ownership brand? It will surely increase the sales. Reduces the low price selling to newspaper distributors.
4. When someone goes for buying a newspaper he usually find various options and select the pre-decided or eye catchy newspaper. Why do not we remove this option thing and make available our brand only? Answer may come as competitions helps growing the business.
5.But why we are neglecting the monopoly of business by launching chain outlets of our own brand? This is definitely going to help the company growing faster than ever.

At the end of this curiosity, I am still finding answers for those unanswered questions. If someone gets them, please revert.


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