PIKU- Film or Advertisement

8th May,2015 was the date when a film named PIKU released. As Deepika was playing leading role in it, I had to watch that movie. There is something called ‘Fan love’. It is like whatever they do, you fall in love with that. Then that thing may be a silly ad or a crying scene, you watch it with the mood she is carrying. Enough about Deepika! As the title suggests, I am again writing something about advertisement/marketing.

I saw this movie on 9th May, 2015 6:30 PM show at nearest Multiplex. I paid INR 200 for prime show ticket and when I took exit after movie, I realised that I have paid INR 200 for watching product advertisement in movie. PIKU movie starts with Amitabh Bacchan with hearing aid and yes SnapDeal box on the table. And that is the moment the advertisement starts in movie & continues in such a way that the product count till the last scene goes up to 15. When you see any TV commercial varying from 10 sec to 60 sec, the impact TVC make lasts only for some time until you watch it again. But I experienced those 15 product in film advertising, I can probably say I will not forget them for next such attempt by any other film. This in film advertisement has different approaches to reach out people at once. They pop ups in film at any point of time.

Talking about products in PIKU film, it covers all the categories from jewellery to Ecommerce firm. It includes Red Label Tea, Priya Gold’s Snakker, SENCO Gold’s jewellery, Amul, CEAT tyres, SONY Max where IPL has been shown, Jaypee Greens on Noida express highway, SnapDeal, Himalaya water bottle, Hero cycles, SYSKA bulbs and the most important product where the film has revolved i.e. solution of Constipation, KayamChurna makes no mistake to place the product where the whole film has been an advertisement for that product. Except constipation and product advertisement, the relation shown in between Deepika and Amitabh Bacchan wins the hearts. It was a nice watch with so much product advertisement which has become the main reason for not forgetting the movie.

This in film advertisement is not new in Bollywood. It has started with showcasing of Coca cola by Hema Malini in her one of the biggest successful movie ‘Dream Girl’. From Drem Girl to PIKU, various approaches has been taken and most of them were successful which contributed in film’s overall success as well as a revenue generation method. A suggestion in the end, watch PIKU. It is short, sweet and easily relative movie.


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