The truth of relativity!

Recently, I was reading a book named “Predictability Irrational” by Dan Ariely. The book was a pleasant journey through various examples where in the end you have numerous take away only. I do not remember exactly the chapter number but it was somewhere in between first 3 chapters where I came to know about something interesting thing for which I was curious since childhood. The chapter was named “The truth about relativity”, wherein Dan has explained various examples of relativity and the human mind set. I can recollect one of the examples which he has given, suppose you have to buy a house in specific locality and you have three options in front of you 1. Simple row house for INR 80Lakhs 2.A 2-BHK unpainted and unfurnished old flat for INR 40Lakhs 3.A 2-BHK painted and furnished new flat for INR 55Lakhs. Given these options which one you would buy? For no surprise maximum of you will go with the 3rd choice. Do not get surprised that how do I know your choice? The answer lies within the concept of relativity. Human nature depicts that we only compare the things of same nature i.e. Dog with other Dog, Job with other Job. The same case happened in above example where you forget about the row house and start comparing the flat system houses. So in that comparison you end up selecting the best option in only two of them. This is the truth about relativity.

We face this reality about relativity in daily basis but we just ignore to understand it at first. Let’s look at one more example of it, Popcorn in multiplexes. Indians are the biggest fan of any kind of entertainment and also of food in between those entertainment activities. Popcorn has its largest business from multiplexes and looking at recent news few companies have started their own production to make branded popcorns. Talking about relativity in case of Popcorn, if you closely observer we usually get two offerings from popcorn seller i.e. Half bucket and Full bucket. The price range for half bucket goes from INR 70 to 95 and INR 85 to 110 for full bucket of popcorn. So when you compare both the price range you always go with the Full Bucket on the basis of price it offers. Here we compare size and price of half and full bucket which results in selecting the full bucket. If they do not give you choice of half bucket then still would you choose full bucket? Answer is NO. This is the real truth of relativity. Now I know you are going to buy anything you need after analysing the relativity.


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