Today, everyone is being MEDIA!

Don’t you think the title is the current scenario we are watching or facing or experiencing? I think YES. Yes, it has become today’s trend to do so. Forget the real journalism, in India or all over the world we are developing a new journalism. Since last few days I am watching various posts on Facebook wall, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos and where not. They all are talking about “If a man does anything, there will be a woman who can treat him however she wants to treat him” or “A 21 year old want to go Backward for its own benefits” or “A murder mystery”. Irrespective of these recent happenings, my total focus is on why this news are trending at all? News like this really holds that much of importance in our day to day life?  Or it is like we have the freedom so we must use it in any possible way, Is that so?

There is boon of social media but there is presence of unseen dark side also. From any account holder’s point of view , it is an experience that he/she gets at his/her fingertips. The social media wave is not new to us. Facebook (February 4, 2004), YouTube (February 14,2005), Twitter (March 21.2006) etc. were invented before 2007 mark and certainly it took more than a decade to expand its presence from few thousands to billions. The reach has grown up, friend list or followers or subscribers are went from 100 to millions. To add to this, Facebook acquired WhatsApp! There are always two sides for a coin, one side is happening or the side where everyone wants to be and on the other side is more practical than the first. These two sides are common human being and Business respectively. Business side works properly without any intervention by human being. Business gets marketed, shared, offered, extension by the overall reach caused by social media. To add to it, each company is allowing a specific budget for Digital Marketing.

Social Networking - Boon or bane

But the other side is darker side than what one can expect. This side of “common human being” is nothing but a own media channel of a user. If something comes handy to you, you must post that on your wall, that post then must be viewed or liked or commented by many and in the end it must be shared by your fellow friends or followers. This is like nuclear explosion, you just need a start. This is the blast of useless things at useful place. Why in this world people do not understand the real meaning of priority? Providing news is the work of News channel, they are doing their work (the way of their working is good to be unmentioned), then why everyone here is being a news reporter without any pay? Do you really get any pay for sharing these things on your wall? Just have a look on past, few months back when Deepika Padukon acted in a video titled “My choice”, the fire went on opposing that video. That resulted in few sites or group on social media came up with a male version of the video. But now as the days have passed, do you remember that video or content of that video? You must only remember “To have sex outside my marriage is My Choice”. But when you look into technicality of that video, it was mere a promotional video of “Vogue” magazine India. Well, that magazine did sell well in that point of time. They got the money. Deepika Padukon in succession released her movie PIKU which crossed almost 80Crore mar. So now tell me who is at loss? Deepika? Vogue? Social Media? None of them at all. The loss is yours. The loss is of your time, your thought process, your share on the social media. You followed a trend which never stayed with you longer than a week or so.

The gist of this long article is only to tell all social media users to Be Wise, Be Independent, Be sensitive to social issues. Have your photos on your with your friends, add life events/achievements on your timeline, so that 10 years down the line when you will take a glance at your timeline, you will fine ‘you’ rather than any short lived trend which never did anything for your betterment.

Use Social Media wisely!


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