Ganesh Festivals- Marketing Platform for everyone!

As we all know Indians are famous in world for its festival culture. Considering English calendar, festivals starts from very first week of January in India. Ganpati festival comes in second half of the year and known as starting point of chain of festivals in next 4 months of period. As I mostly write about Marketing in my blogs, today, I am going to express my own point of view along with some substantiate data to support my view.

Lokmanya Tilak started off Ganapti festival for a reason that is being together and show the English ruling party that if we come together we can do anything. I do not think Tilak had ever thought of Ganapti festival becoming the marketing platform for everyone. Here my point is not of Why Tilak started Ganapati Festival? Or Why Ganpati festival is not the same which is used to be in past? My point is about the marketing platform generated at such kind of festivals in India. Tell me any festival in India and I will tell you the marketing platform related to that specific festival. The idea of writing on this subject comes after watching digital flexes of local vendors on stage made for Ganpati Idol. If you look into 10 years down the line where I was only of 12 years of age, Ganpati festivals used to be in very selective parts of a town or city or any large area. From its incubation, Ganapati resides in everyone’s home for few days varying from 1.5 days to 6 days. And as Lokmanya started, Ganpati also sits on stage created by group of people in no specific numbers. This thing has took long way where I can see two ganpati sitting in front of each other by two opposite sides of the road. As the number of ganpati increased in India, the platform for marketing anything has experienced strong growth in terms of investment, reach, sales resulted in profits.

Since my childhood I have been attending the group ganpati festival actively. If I am not wrong about my memory I can say that from 2006 onwards the boost in advertising at ganpati festival has seen only positive growth. Considering Maharashtra where ganpati festival is very popular festival, on last 3 days of ganpati festival maximum number of people are on roads compared to the other time in year and if comes along with weekend you can guess the crowd on road. From marketing point of view, any show, any TV commercial or anything that has been shown on TV gets lesser traffic as compared to other time of year. So outdoor advertisement is best option one could go with in this period of 10 days to maximize their reach. If you observe, local shops are keen to do publicity in this period by posters, digital flexes, and billboards etc. Big players are also entering into this kind of publicity. Cellular network providers were the first one to enter into 10 days outdoor marketing which continues for a month dependent on the current scenario at that particular time. At present, big retail brands along with online service providers also trying their luck in this period. The research data prominently shows that cellular network providers have gained the early movers advantage in this kind of marketing.

If this continues to grow in future, I can probably say that new groups will be formed only to promote someone’s product for chunk of money which is far less than someone will pay for any TV commercial. Leaving the future on Bappa.

Enjoy the festival. Ganpati Bappa Moraya. May God Ganpati give you happiness, peace and prosperity.


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