Mumbai & Salesman

Imagine you are walking on Mumbai streets for 40 days continuously and one fine day at 1pm you faint and fall down. Yes, that is pretty much what a salesman goes through in city like Mumbai. During my summer internship, I got a chance to live their life for 60 days and trust me people it was the best time I have spent in any city. Though I live in Mumbai, those 60 days made me see city in total different way. I was selling something by going to every retail shop and convince them to buy it. But that is not the only thing salesman does nor at least me.

I started walking on streets on 5th April, 2015 in a role of salesman. People in India think salesman is very low profile job but that is utmost lie. Imagine India without salespersons and you will know what they actually do. You go to any shop, buy things and go home. Now imagine, you are visiting shops but nothing is available over there and you go back home without having your required material. Yes, you got it right. Salesman takes care of availability of things at nearest shop for your betterment. You can’t run a company without salespersons. They are the face of the company in the real market where actual exchange of money and goods takes place. I am not writing this to promote ‘salesman’ or something. This is something what I experienced in last 2 months.


I travelled to most of the parts in Mumbai starting with South Mumbai continued in western line till Borivali then I moved to central line from Maschid to Thane/ Kalyan then Harbour line till Vashi/Chembur. This has helped me understand Mumbai better. Also, it helped me to understand different speciality of regions. Just to jotting down few of them here. South Mumbai as we all know is expensive part of Mumbai. But interestingly, it has the biggest wholesale market in its hand. Yes, I am taking about Crawfard market, Fort market. This circle of fort, CST, Churchgate will give you a lot of things and you can get anything over there. As I moved towards Virar side in western line, I observed that lot of middle class family live from grant road to Borivali. It is basically residential area where consumption of FMCG products is more and this area is multilingual. In central line, the last part likes Thane and Kalyan where a lot of Marathi people stay. They travel to south Mumbai for work. The retail shops are little laggards in terms of technology and digitization. On harbour line, I found community based businesses more prominent than other general trade. They have few unions as well. There was one union which has restricted all the mobile shops to sell on any online platform.

In last two months, I met lot of salesperson from other companies as well. It was best to know them how they see at this job. I got to learn lot of things which are going to be useful in my future career in Sales & Marketing. They teach you how to sell in unique way, how to build a rapport with retailers and bring maximum business out of it. Not to forget about food, Mumbai offers you lot of option when it comes to street food ranging from khiccha papad, lassi, pohe, pizza and what not.

Mumbai gives you hope, gives you potential to do better than yesterday. It does with all the salesperson out there in Mumbai and I wish it would be doing the same thing with all of you too.

Happy Observations!


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