YouTube is my new TV!

Recently, during semester break I went home for few days and as title suggests few thoughts popped in my mind. In last 23 years of my life, entertainment has been inseparable part and of course TV carries a lot of share among various sources of entertainment which I was connected to. The idea about writing this blog popped when I moved from fast daily life of Mumbai to very calm and composed life of my hometown for few days and sat in front of TV after 6 months.


This thought made me revisit the old days of TV and me. I remember watching TV for around 2-3 hours daily without fail. The shows which I used to see varied over the time but the bond with TV remained till 2010, after which I moved to Pune for further education. My family was film or Bollywood enthusiast but not much to go and watch every movie in theatre. We used to watch movies on TV only and that too with a lot of excitement. I remember watching ‘Baghban’ with my aunty and uncle which was the first movie I saw in theatre before which whichever movie I saw was on TV only. Not only movies but I used to watch lot of cartoon shows like any other child would have done in 90’s. Not to forget about the daily soaps (which I have stopped watching completely after 2009). Till 2007 I used to watch whatever my parents used to watch on television after 8pm and before that control of TV remote was mine. I enjoyed watching cricket matches with my dad and those shouts for Indian team playing in world cup. It happened till 2011 world cup but after that the connection between TV and me did not remain same as it used to be.


After this nostalgic ride of my life till 2011, it came as a realization that TV is not an important part of my life anymore. My entertainment habits have been changed after 2011 very rapidly. When I entered my engineering phase, movies in multiplexes, video songs on YouTube, songs on mobile phone replaced the need of TV. It continued to change through the years and when I look at my daily life, YouTube has taken over the place of TV in my life. I watch news on YouTube, I watch comedy show on YouTube, I watch songs on YouTube, I watch things I have interest in, in short whatever I need or feel to watch I just type it on YouTube and watch. Most importantly you don’t have to be available for specific time to watch specific show which is the case with TV but the invention of “record live TV’ it is also possible with TV with such facilities. Little background search of current picture of entertainment industry, everyone is moving towards the digital way. People have started using smartphone and Jio has started giving free internet and in such scenario all media or entertainment companies have started rolling out new content on online platforms. Take hotstar, ditto tv, Eros now and all other channels on YouTube, they all have started pushing fresh content on their respective platforms. To my surprise, foreign players are also trying their hands in this very well built set up, may that be Netflix (launched earlier this year) or may it be Amazon Prime. The future is going to different but at the same time the ‘connection’ with TV is going to be extinct.


This was my story/observation related to TV. I am sure this would be the story of most of the people who enjoyed watching TV in their childhood and now enjoy entertainment through other means.

Happy Observations!


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