YouTube is my new TV!

Recently, during semester break I went home for few days and as title suggests few thoughts popped in my mind. In last 23 years of my life, entertainment has been inseparable part and of course TV carries a lot of share among various sources of entertainment which I was connected to. The idea about writing this blog popped when I moved from fast daily life of Mumbai to very calm and composed life of my hometown for few days and sat in front of TV after 6 months.


This thought made me revisit the old days of TV and me. I remember watching TV for around 2-3 hours daily without fail. The shows which I used to see varied over the time but the bond with TV remained till 2010, after which I moved to Pune for further education. My family was film or Bollywood enthusiast but not much to go and watch every movie in theatre. We used to watch movies on TV only and that too with a lot of excitement. I remember watching ‘Baghban’ with my aunty and uncle which was the first movie I saw in theatre before which whichever movie I saw was on TV only. Not only movies but I used to watch lot of cartoon shows like any other child would have done in 90’s. Not to forget about the daily soaps (which I have stopped watching completely after 2009). Till 2007 I used to watch whatever my parents used to watch on television after 8pm and before that control of TV remote was mine. I enjoyed watching cricket matches with my dad and those shouts for Indian team playing in world cup. It happened till 2011 world cup but after that the connection between TV and me did not remain same as it used to be.


After this nostalgic ride of my life till 2011, it came as a realization that TV is not an important part of my life anymore. My entertainment habits have been changed after 2011 very rapidly. When I entered my engineering phase, movies in multiplexes, video songs on YouTube, songs on mobile phone replaced the need of TV. It continued to change through the years and when I look at my daily life, YouTube has taken over the place of TV in my life. I watch news on YouTube, I watch comedy show on YouTube, I watch songs on YouTube, I watch things I have interest in, in short whatever I need or feel to watch I just type it on YouTube and watch. Most importantly you don’t have to be available for specific time to watch specific show which is the case with TV but the invention of “record live TV’ it is also possible with TV with such facilities. Little background search of current picture of entertainment industry, everyone is moving towards the digital way. People have started using smartphone and Jio has started giving free internet and in such scenario all media or entertainment companies have started rolling out new content on online platforms. Take hotstar, ditto tv, Eros now and all other channels on YouTube, they all have started pushing fresh content on their respective platforms. To my surprise, foreign players are also trying their hands in this very well built set up, may that be Netflix (launched earlier this year) or may it be Amazon Prime. The future is going to different but at the same time the ‘connection’ with TV is going to be extinct.


This was my story/observation related to TV. I am sure this would be the story of most of the people who enjoyed watching TV in their childhood and now enjoy entertainment through other means.

Happy Observations!


Mumbai & Salesman

Imagine you are walking on Mumbai streets for 40 days continuously and one fine day at 1pm you faint and fall down. Yes, that is pretty much what a salesman goes through in city like Mumbai. During my summer internship, I got a chance to live their life for 60 days and trust me people it was the best time I have spent in any city. Though I live in Mumbai, those 60 days made me see city in total different way. I was selling something by going to every retail shop and convince them to buy it. But that is not the only thing salesman does nor at least me.

I started walking on streets on 5th April, 2015 in a role of salesman. People in India think salesman is very low profile job but that is utmost lie. Imagine India without salespersons and you will know what they actually do. You go to any shop, buy things and go home. Now imagine, you are visiting shops but nothing is available over there and you go back home without having your required material. Yes, you got it right. Salesman takes care of availability of things at nearest shop for your betterment. You can’t run a company without salespersons. They are the face of the company in the real market where actual exchange of money and goods takes place. I am not writing this to promote ‘salesman’ or something. This is something what I experienced in last 2 months.


I travelled to most of the parts in Mumbai starting with South Mumbai continued in western line till Borivali then I moved to central line from Maschid to Thane/ Kalyan then Harbour line till Vashi/Chembur. This has helped me understand Mumbai better. Also, it helped me to understand different speciality of regions. Just to jotting down few of them here. South Mumbai as we all know is expensive part of Mumbai. But interestingly, it has the biggest wholesale market in its hand. Yes, I am taking about Crawfard market, Fort market. This circle of fort, CST, Churchgate will give you a lot of things and you can get anything over there. As I moved towards Virar side in western line, I observed that lot of middle class family live from grant road to Borivali. It is basically residential area where consumption of FMCG products is more and this area is multilingual. In central line, the last part likes Thane and Kalyan where a lot of Marathi people stay. They travel to south Mumbai for work. The retail shops are little laggards in terms of technology and digitization. On harbour line, I found community based businesses more prominent than other general trade. They have few unions as well. There was one union which has restricted all the mobile shops to sell on any online platform.

In last two months, I met lot of salesperson from other companies as well. It was best to know them how they see at this job. I got to learn lot of things which are going to be useful in my future career in Sales & Marketing. They teach you how to sell in unique way, how to build a rapport with retailers and bring maximum business out of it. Not to forget about food, Mumbai offers you lot of option when it comes to street food ranging from khiccha papad, lassi, pohe, pizza and what not.

Mumbai gives you hope, gives you potential to do better than yesterday. It does with all the salesperson out there in Mumbai and I wish it would be doing the same thing with all of you too.

Happy Observations!

The truth of relativity!

Recently, I was reading a book named “Predictability Irrational” by Dan Ariely. The book was a pleasant journey through various examples where in the end you have numerous take away only. I do not remember exactly the chapter number but it was somewhere in between first 3 chapters where I came to know about something interesting thing for which I was curious since childhood. The chapter was named “The truth about relativity”, wherein Dan has explained various examples of relativity and the human mind set. I can recollect one of the examples which he has given, suppose you have to buy a house in specific locality and you have three options in front of you 1. Simple row house for INR 80Lakhs 2.A 2-BHK unpainted and unfurnished old flat for INR 40Lakhs 3.A 2-BHK painted and furnished new flat for INR 55Lakhs. Given these options which one you would buy? For no surprise maximum of you will go with the 3rd choice. Do not get surprised that how do I know your choice? The answer lies within the concept of relativity. Human nature depicts that we only compare the things of same nature i.e. Dog with other Dog, Job with other Job. The same case happened in above example where you forget about the row house and start comparing the flat system houses. So in that comparison you end up selecting the best option in only two of them. This is the truth about relativity.

We face this reality about relativity in daily basis but we just ignore to understand it at first. Let’s look at one more example of it, Popcorn in multiplexes. Indians are the biggest fan of any kind of entertainment and also of food in between those entertainment activities. Popcorn has its largest business from multiplexes and looking at recent news few companies have started their own production to make branded popcorns. Talking about relativity in case of Popcorn, if you closely observer we usually get two offerings from popcorn seller i.e. Half bucket and Full bucket. The price range for half bucket goes from INR 70 to 95 and INR 85 to 110 for full bucket of popcorn. So when you compare both the price range you always go with the Full Bucket on the basis of price it offers. Here we compare size and price of half and full bucket which results in selecting the full bucket. If they do not give you choice of half bucket then still would you choose full bucket? Answer is NO. This is the real truth of relativity. Now I know you are going to buy anything you need after analysing the relativity.

Why any Newspaper company does not have their own store? #Curiosity


When I took a newspaper in hand , I started with the supplement which was for kids of my age at that time. 15 years passed in between and this folded paper has put so many questions in front of me. The more I got elder, the more the curiosity about newspapers increased. For my goodness I found so many curiosity solved by Google on their platform. The latest one I acquainted is “Why any newspaper does not have their own store?” The answer may be easily given as at any newspaper store you can buy any type of newspaper you want. But this answer never satisfied me. As I am planning to do my MBA in coming days, I found this topic very curious from the perspective of any amateur who is looking from an other end of the business.

If I ever produce any newspaper why I would not be selling it on my own outlets? Why every newspaper choose common newspaper stalls? I searched for the answers and found some facts also.

1.Investment in bricks and mortar shop of own firm at various places in and around cities is somehow feasible.But investment in these things may never give the benefits compared to the existing models.
2.The customer who buys it and the consumer who actually reads it plays a vital role in defining the business strategy. As it very low cost service of knowledge, users varies by language, type and availability.
3.Newspaper is the service which anyone can by on a go. Can read anywhere possible. Then why not to sell them at ownership brand? It will surely increase the sales. Reduces the low price selling to newspaper distributors.
4. When someone goes for buying a newspaper he usually find various options and select the pre-decided or eye catchy newspaper. Why do not we remove this option thing and make available our brand only? Answer may come as competitions helps growing the business.
5.But why we are neglecting the monopoly of business by launching chain outlets of our own brand? This is definitely going to help the company growing faster than ever.

At the end of this curiosity, I am still finding answers for those unanswered questions. If someone gets them, please revert.